Preservation of Cellular Therapies - Industrial Sponsorship

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Preservation of Cellular Therapies is a professional short course founded in 2003 to provide practical training for those individuals involved in the preservation of cellular therapies. The course is associated with the Biopreservation Core Resource at the University of Minnesota. The short course will be held again in Minneapolis, MN from May 18-19, 2020.  We are looking for corporate partners who are interested in taking advantage of this high-visibility opportunity to reach individuals involve in preservation. 

A significant fraction of course participants are managers of academic cell therapy laboratories or cell therapy companies.  For example, participants in previous offerings were responsible for developing cell therapy laboratories North America, Europe and Asia.  These individuals are eager to learn the products and services available to support preservation and they have purchasing authority. In addition, there are companies and academic cell therapy laboratories that use the short course for employee training.   Previous exhibitors have found the course to be an excellent business opportunity.

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